Which zodiac sign always leaves something to be desired?

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            Zodiac sign that always keeps things secret

            1. Never tell secrets to friends, Taurus

            Unless a Taurus person does not think it is a secret, and he is willing to let others know, otherwise he wants to take advantage of the Taurus mouth. It is absolutely impossible to tell a secret. Taurus thinks that he can handle everything by himself, so he does not need to tell anyone.

             2. Work secrets will never be passed on to Leo

            Even if a Leo regards the other person as a close partner, a significant other, or a close friend, he will never reveal himself The secrets to success at work, because Leo believes that these are all obtained through hard work. How do you know if the other person is a friend today but will become an enemy and fight against you tomorrow? Faced with this insecurity, Leo would rather form a team, divide it into several parts, and then rely on him to put the whole part together, so that he can use the talents of his friends and get things done, but it requires Leo tells another person the secrets without reservation. This is not his style.

            3. Speak to your lover with half-truths and half-falsies Sagittarius

            Sagittarius believes that nothing is ever true. He believes that everything is half-truth and half-false. , and Sagittarius is very smart, he is afraid of being restrained, so he will use some tricks, that is, occasionally releasing some messages to hypnotize the other half, testing the other half's reaction, and then adjusting the severity of the words. If he If he finds that the other person cares a lot, he will stop immediately. But when he finds that the other half doesn't seem to care, he may be messing around outside. Therefore, you must always listen selectively to what a Sagittarius says, and it is best to understand it. His hint.

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