Three zodiac signs who prefer voice to social software but don’t like typing

            2024-01-12 14:43:39 news admin

            The invention of social software has brought people to a new level of making friends. From the past, we had to write letters to communicate over long distances, to gradually have telephones, where we can make calls and send text messages, and then later Voice and video are very convenient. People in two places can meet through mobile phones if they want to meet. Especially some impatient people who are too lazy to type and especially like to send voice messages. So today, let’s talk about the three zodiac signs among the twelve zodiac signs that love voice-based social software but not typing. Come and see if you are among them.


            Aquarius Aquarius people prefer to speak by voice most of the time, which is more in line with their personality, because they feel that after they express themselves quickly through voice, they can leave time for the other person to slowly think about it, otherwise they would spend a lot of time typing. For some time, it will take some time for the other party to understand, which is very slow. Aquarius, who has a happy personality, loves to chat and chat, and is too lazy to type. Moreover, they hate seeing the words "typing"!


            Libra Libra This person is more cheerful in doing things, and they hope that their expressions do not need to be explained clearly again and again, so they like to chat with others by voice. They feel that if they can express their thoughts clearly at once, they will be more able to communicate with others. It’s easy and convenient. They are straight-laced people. The time they need to type is probably enough for them to say several sentences, so they don’t like to type slowly!


            Sagittarius Sagittarius people are fire signs, so they are always fiery when doing things and speaking. They are relatively straightforward and don't like to take their time. If you want them to be patient enough to type and tell you something, you might as well let them have fun. I’ll talk to you quickly. In fact, Sagittarius people like to express their thoughts in one sentence, because they feel that as long as they can express things clearly through words, they are too lazy to type to tell you. They are so sincere!

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